Just Talk – free video call on Smartphones (App review – iOS & Android)

Just Talk – free video call, group calls, screen doodling, sharing photos, record video call and more..

Just Talk - free video call on Smartphones

If you own a smartphone and you’ve been trying to find a stable and reliable video calling app, then the JusTalk app currently available in the app store might be the perfect choice for you. It packs in tons of features to help make it one of the best video calling apps on the market. The app allows you to have high-quality face-to-face chats with the people you care about, it gives you the chance to interact on the video call by sharing and doodling different images on the screen during the call, and it even allows you to record your videos and save those precious memories throughout the call. The best part about the JusTalk app? It’s completely free.

With this app, you will experience crystal clear video calls, video chats, voice calls, internet calls, group chats and so much more. All you need to do is download the apps and link your Facebook account or mobile phone number to your account and you’ll have no problem enjoying free video calls in the United States and also international video calls!

Free Video Call/Chat

With the JusTalk app, you’ll get incredibly clear and high-quality audio and video without any sort of time limit. It is completely free for HD video call and video chats, so no matter where you are in the world, you’ll have access to HD video.

Free Voice Call

Once again, JusTalk is going to offer completely free, high-quality voice calls to anyone who may want to use it. JusTalk uses advanced technology to help reduce the voice data lost and ensure that you can get a crystal clear voice call in, even in some of the loudest environments.

Free Group Chat

One of the biggest features when it comes to apps such as JusTalk is the group chat option. It is highly desirable because it allows you to connect with your family or your group of friends in one central location that everyone can access. With JusTalk, you’ll have access to completely free group chat at all times. And if you need it, you’ll get clear voice chat and video chat as well.

Doodling In Video Calls

While video calls are already amazing in their own respect, it’s always neat if you have the option to do more with it. With the JusTalk app, you can increase the fun you have in your video calls because the app provides you with plenty of things to do. The doodle feature allows you to draw and scribble right on the screen so the person you’re video chatting with can see it in real time! If words and actions aren’t enough, expressing your thoughts through doodles is a great way to get your point across.

Record Video Calls

Sometimes, the video calls you make with the JusTalk app are going to be some of the most important video calls. Maybe you’re checking in with the family that you don’t see very often or maybe you’re video calling a family member to see an important memory that you just can’t make it for. Luckily, if that happens to be the case, you won’t have to worry about not being able to save those memories and moments forever. With the JusTalk app, you can record all of your video calls by hitting the record button at anytime. This means that all recorded videos will be stored in a folder in your app and you can visit them at anytime! This makes it easy to relive all those happy memories you saw on the JusTalk app.

Reduce Data Usage

The JusTalk app allows you to use free video calls with an internet connection and saves close to 40% net flow consumption during a video call and voice calls. The app works to save on your data consumption because it provides the optimal amount of data throughout your calls in order to provide you with HD quality.

JusTalk Versatility

When you go to register for your account on the JusTalk app, it’s important to know that you’re going to have two different options to register for an account, so you can choose whichever way makes you feel more comfortable. You can log in using your Facebook account and create a JusTalk account that way. Additionally, you can login using your cell phone number. The JusTalk app is available on both Android and iPhone.

Security And Privacy

Unfortunately, when it comes to using different apps, there are a lot of concerns that surround the safety, security, and privacy of the apps because you just never know how safe it is. Fortunately, with the JusTalk app, you’ll love knowing that this app encrypts both the HD voice call and the video call and makes sure that nobody is eavesdropping on your calls. JusTalk takes great pride in protecting all of your personal information to make sure that is is not lost or stolen by any unauthorized individual or party.

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